Mission Statement: To use Student Endeavorss as a useful, student-driven tool in the Corban community to foster relationships with others and with Jesus Christ.

Guidelines: To start a Special Project, it must meet a certain set of requirements as outlined below. Consider the following questions while forming a Special Project:

  • Is it useful to the Corban or community?
  • Does it promote relationships with other Corban students?
  • How does it edify Christ?
  • Is this going to continually benefit the community, or is it a one-time event?
  • How do you want Student Initiatives to support the project?

Goals: SGA as a whole has a common purpose to foster community that encourages student involvement, validates student voices, and promotes servanthood.

More Specifically, Student Initiatives has four main goals:

  1. To equip organizations to support their members
  2. Create relationships within clubs that focus on and edify Christ
  3. Empower students to accomplish their goals for the Corban community
  4. Help create situations in which students will succeed in these goals

Process: To start a Student Endeavor, you must complete the following tasks.

  1. Obtain 10 or more people to participate in or facilitate the activity/event.
  2. Submit a formal request to Student Initiatives for funding if needed.
  3. Return completed application to SGA Office. 

All special project requests will be discussed by the SGA cabinet every Monday and Wednesday in the weekly meeting.