Student Organizations & Initiatives

Student organizations are groups on campus that have officers, constitution and consistency in their meetings. Most commonly known as clubs, these organizations exist to foster community through several  opportunities that allow people to pursue their passions as well.

Student Endeavors

Student Endeavors are an opportunity for Corban Students to be creative and to help their ideas come to life at Corban.

Mission Statement

 Student Organizations exist to provide students the ability to foster community while participating in activities, ministry, outreach, and service. Corban University’s SGA Leadership  desires students the opportunity to grow in their walk with the Lord and their whole person hood through Student Organizations. It is the intent of the SGA Leadership, in partnership  with the Inter­Organizational Council, to support these opportunities.

Get Involved

Fill out the short survey on each organization’s page to indicate your interest and the president will contact you with more information.

Contact SGA Vice President of Student Initiatives